Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vacation Report: Part One

We're here in Western South Dakota on a dream family vacation. Here's a report so far:

Driving: We mostly really enjoyed our seven-hour trip to Wall, home of Wall Drug, thanks to banging playlists and Jurassic Park on Audible. The most complaining we experienced (by the children, not by Dan and me) was when we visited the rest stop pictured above. This stop was highly recommended to me. The recommender only mentioned the view of the Missouri River behind this sculpture, and not the sculpture itself. This is probably because the sculpture was just installed last year. Here's what I learned about it: It's called "Dignity," was done by Dale Lamphere and represents the "courage, perseverance, and wisdom of the Dakota and Lakota culture in South Dakota."

Souvenirs: What's really fun is to bring children into a series of souvenir shops. Several times, I suggested choosing bags of shiny rocks, which is what I remember getting on out-West vacations in my youth. Instead, Shef chose a keychain, Mac chose a cap gun, and I chose an awesome gnome figurine, which I broke on the way back to the Best Western. Damnit.

Weather: It was 105 degrees Fahrenheit in Wall when we arrived. Now it's only 99, and we're headed back to the pool.

Coming Up: Tomorrow, I'll report on Badlands National Park and our drive to Custer State Park. Those things will be the best things ever.


mm said...

The sculpture looks cool. I wouldn't have complained. I hope more souvenirs are to come. Choose wisely.

LH said...

Sent this link to #1 Son. He's traveling to SD next week.

Love it.