Friday, July 7, 2017

Washing Machine Repair and Bike Pumps

Summer's clipping along, and I'm just taking care of business as usual, checking off exciting boxes like cleaning out the garage and dusting wooden blinds. It's been a magical time.

This very morning, I have a repair person here fixing my Whirlpool Cabrio washer. Turns out the repairs I need are pretty routine, and my technician, Andy, has performed them many times. Lucky for me, he's here right now because he says the next stage in the washer's current trajectory would have been catastrophic leaking. The leaking could have started imminently, but now it won't because of Andy and because of my impeccable timing. And because of my 400 dollars.

I was like, What?!, but then I looked up new high-efficiency washers, and they would cost significantly more. Whatever.

Another really fascinating development is that I'm finally getting a new bike pump and probably today. It turns out I really like to ride my bike, but I'm super bad at pumping the tires. Every time I go to do it, I open the valves and try to attach the pump, and it doesn't work. It falls off, the air won't go in, I have to use two hands and awkwardly work the pump with my stomach while I hold it on the tire.

I've watched YouTube videos and adapted between Schrader and Presta valves - I have Presta, Shef has Schrader, and the pump is crap for both types. The process makes me feel like a moron, and I hate it.

So today, after 10 years of struggling with it, I've finally decided that the pump is broken, and it's time to get a new one. If the new one doesn't work, and it turns out I have a pump disability, I'm going to be really disappointed. I'll keep you posted.


mm said...

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LH said...

I too am bad at the pumping.
I figured it was just a personal flaw. Maybe not.

Well done with the washer.

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