Monday, November 23, 2020

Next Phase

I am winding down my long-term global-pandemic substitute teaching position. In fact, I have finished my stint as the full-time teacher of the third graders. I will now write their report cards and then guide them in online school on Thursdays and Fridays in December.

I decided to stay on in a part-time capacity to help with the transition in the upcoming month. Their real teacher isn't coming back until January 4th, but I needed to be mostly finished at Thanksgiving. So now, a friendly and skilled gentleman who is also an administrative coordinator at our school and I will split the gig for the next four weeks.

I've learned a few things via this job and the lead-up to it:

  • I enjoy teaching and miss it when I'm not doing it for long periods of time.
  • The ideal amount of time for a long-term, full-time substituting gig for me is 8-10 weeks. I did my current job for 14 weeks full-time.
  • I cannot write as much or as well when I am also teaching. 
  • As writing is now my primary profession, it becomes a problem if I'm unable to perform this function. Balls, as they say, begin to drop.
  • I think a half-time, secondary teaching gig would be sustainable for a longer-term, like a full semester or perhaps even longer. Since I'm new to elementary, it takes more work and a lot more thinking and research to come up with good plans and methods.
  • The whole thing might be easier if we were also not in the midst of a global emergency.
And, there you have it. I will now dress in real clothes and head into the worksite to report on the third-graders' learning and mastery for the fall semester. I'm going to get a delicious almond-milk latte on my way in.

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LH said...

Half time would definitely be the way to go.

Thank you for your educational service.