Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Covid Test

I have replaced every ounce of my election anxiety with Covid testing anxiety.

I have come to need a test because of some reason at my Global Pandemic Substitute Teacher position. No problem! School provided a  free test. It was supposed to be fast and efficient. I found out on Saturday night that I needed to take it.

On Sunday morning, I logged into Zoom and a nurse watched me spit into a test tube. Then I boxed up the whole thing and drove the package to the UPS store. They said they'd deliver it overnight.

But was it delivered overnight? Have I received confirmation from the testing place? No, I have not! 

And, in the meantime, there are people at school waiting for me to return. I am letting everyone down with my slow testing performance, which is mostly beyond my control!

Other people have secured faster tests. I even got a faster test for Mac that I paid for with 100 dollars of my own money. I'd do that for myself, but now there are no appointments until Thursday.

I'm panicky. 

I realize I should calm down, but instead I've been refreshing my email at the same rate at which I was refreshing the goddamned electoral map. 

I wish things were not this way, is what I'm saying.

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LH said...


Assuming the test was negative.

I haven't been tested yet.

I hope there will be a quick turnaround when/if I do because I get pretty anxious about these things as well.