Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm Feeling Guilty

Since I've returned from the conference, Shef has been calling me "Mama Chicago." It's cute, but it also makes my insides hurt a little. The Chicago absence was compounded because I had a paper due in my class tonight, so I needed babysitters yesterday and today.

When I got home tonight, Shef clung to Dan and looked at me warily. I guess he had a little meltdown at school today during which he cried hysterically and asked for me repeatedly.

Obviously I'm wracked with guilt.

It's especially hard to be away from him because he's gotten especially cute. He has likes to draw on his white board. "That's a V," he'll say, pointing at some scribble. "I'm drawing a dolphin!" He's also really into Little People. My mom gave him the pirate ship last week, so he says, "Mommy play with this present," and we make the pirates jump the plank and "eat the fish dinner." Of course we don't do any of this lately since I've practically abandoned him.

Lee sent some toy sea animals and dolphin stickers home with me for Shef. He's highly attached to them. This is the second night that he's had the stickers in his posession, and this is the second night he's sleeping with them in his crib. "Cuddle with the dolphin book," he told me, and I couldn't see any reason to argue.


jdoc said...

He's looking so much older! V. nice hair combing, I must say. Sorry about the guilt, though. Give him some cash.

LH said...

That poppy in his mouth is killing me. the guy is too cute. and calling you "mama Chicago" is brilliant.
I think cash is a good idea, but something from this collection might really do the trick...


Undomestic said...

I knew someone who had a daughter in his residency. During this time, she refered him as "Bye-bye daddy"!!!