Monday, February 27, 2006

The Mao

The Chicago conference was a blast, although I must admit it was unfortunately punctuated by my idiotic dialogue.

The purpose of the study group, I explained to my esteemed professor, who also attended the conference, is so we can “discuss the readings first, and then discuss the readings again. You know. In class!” I even used my hands to show her what I meant, pantomiming a box on the left, followed by a box on the right to symbolize the study group and the class, respectively.

Luckily, my fearless pals led me away before complete humiliation set in. “She won’t even remember this,” Jessie generously reassured me, as I hastily procured another glass of wine.

When we weren’t conferencing, we stuffed ourselves at fancy restaurants and toured the art institute. I’m partial to the Thorne Miniature Room, even though it seems like the hoity-toity art critic people think it’s kind of the armpit of the place.

I’m hoping I can visit Chicago again soon, maybe with Shef and Dan, who would find lots of enjoyment in The Windy City for sure.


LH said...

i loved the way you described the hand gestures. i've been there so many times. It's funny later, but not at the time. i loved the miniatures too. thanks for teaching me about their history as i keep forgetting it. hope the paper went well...

jdoc said...

I loved the armpit room most of all.