Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Vacuum Diaries

Shef will be two in a month. I think he has kind of a long attention span for a two-year-old because throughout his life, his obsession with the vacuum cleaner has not waned.

Here he is with the vacuum cleaner a year ago:

And here he is last week:

There is a little stick at my mom’s house that he pretends is also a vacuum cleaner. In fact, his pretending has gotten quite good – we pretend to eat plastic food, we pretend with finger puppets, and he pretends that he wants to use the toilet.

He knows that if he pretends this last thing, there’s a good chance I’ll let him flush, which is totally worth the trouble of getting naked and pretending to push.


jdoc said...

Is he picky about his vacuums or would he be as excited about my dirt devil as he is about the dyson?

LH said...

there was a character in an anne tyler novel that became obsessed with a vac. the mom ridiculed him. i like how you support shef's habit. i just bought a new green hoover. I should post a foto for him.

Undomestic said...

I was vacuuming tonight (for the first time in about forever), and Max followed me around with his toy dirt devil. I wish his actually worked...would save me time.

Has anyone heard anything good about that robot vacuum cleaner?