Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm Experiencing Blog-xiety

This morning I attended a fascinating workshop about responsible research. I learned all about the complicated ins-and-outs of doing studies. For instance, did you know that you’re not supposed to plagiarize stuff you submit for publication? Thank GOD they clarified that for me. Also, I learned you shouldn’t fabricate your data or throw your data away.

Later, I collapsed on the couch and experienced writer’s block, as I have most days of the summer. Hoping for inspiration, my friend Molly and I watched a scintillating show on E! about what really happens behind the scenes at the Miss USA pageant. Did you know Donald Trump owns the pageant? I think that’s a little slimy. I asked Molly if she wanted to do a bike/run workout, but she said doing triathlon training was "dumb."

In good news, Shef has been much less of a pill lately, except at night. I tried to talk to him this morning about staying by himself in bed, but he wasn’t hearing it. “Mama, I’m a prince,” he said. I guess princes don’t sleep alone.


Molly said...

My "prince" sleeps with me most nights, there is no breaking that habit for now! I used to be so critical of my cousin for allowing her son to sleep with her and now I let mine, but at least he starts off in his own bed!

LH said...

your friend molly's comment made me laugh. i had a layabout day in montreal. a kitkat and wine for one dinner really was the perfect end to that day.
hug the prince for me.