Wednesday, July 5, 2006

My Brain is Busy

Being on summer vacation gives my obsessive-compulsive tendencies plenty of time to rear their minutiae-driven heads. This four-day weekend, when I wasn’t rushing to the park or the pool, digging in toy chests, or counting the minutes until daycare re-opened, I fixated on triathlon training (indeed, I have become multi-sport athlete), painting my office (off to get a new quart of the lovely color “gauze” in a moment), and the elephant in the room: my master’s papers. My progress on these behemoths has been delayed for many reasons, most beyond my control. They should know, however, that I continue to obsess about them: they are not being ignored.


jdoc said...

I find obsession to be a necessary part of the process.

Ann said...

I am coming your way - I want to follow the pursuit of triathlon. I am so excited to watch you do it.

cg said...

Obsess away kc, I remember 'getting ready' to write my m a million times. Why is it more fun getting ready to do it than actually doing it??