Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On the plus side, he’s happily working on potty-training and does, most days, say and or do at least one cute thing

It’s been hard to write sweet little stories about Shef lately because, well, here’s an example of an all-too-typical interaction:

Shef: Sing the bear song, Mama.
Me: Ok. [begin singing the first few lines…]

His current phase has led me to feel just a tad more empathy for child abusers because, my God, when your kid spits in your face and bites your shoulder in front of the fancy-schmancy music class moms, you can’t deny that part of you wants to leave him on a street corner downtown and go home and have an iced tea and a xanax and forget about ever bringing a child into the world.

It’s a good thing that the other part of me, the majority of me, for the record, feels the right thing to do is grit my teeth, summon my inner zen, and calmly administer time-out after time-out.


Amy said...

Oh man, have I been there this spring. Peter's usual reaction to my singing a song is "no no 'notha dong! notha dong!" Now that I've made up a bobcat/dump truck song, I occasionally can sing them all the way through. Do you know the zamboni song? Replace arena with "local construction site" and zamboni with the truck of your choice and it's a big hit around here.

Anyway, I've had more time alone with Peter this week than usual and I'm re-discovering the cute kid he is when not bugging Leo. ahhh.

LH said...

my crazy boy's at camp this week. i hope he's behaving well.

mi said...

I feel your pain.
Hayden at bedtime- "Lay down my pillow Mommy. Sleep with me."
I happily snuggle up, thinking of bonding with my sweet, sleeping boy. Just as my head hits the pillow and I turn to look at his sweet face in the dark
Hayden- "Get out!"

KC said...

well, i'm certainly glad to know i'm not the only one living this.

let's all hope the toddlers make it quickly and safely to three, or however old you have to be to not do those annoying things all the time.

is "crazy" at 12 easier than crazy at 2, lee?

cg said...

Oh yes kc I hear you.

Me trying to sing to my child some afr lullabays (sp?) you know, culture and heritage and all those nice things...E - no momma stop that - go away, no momma!! as I persist with 'Hasie hasie wolstert'

Smacking me in my face and screaming blue murder as I try to recover our dignity in the shopping centre, after he attacked the poor hapless Noddy rather violently with the balloon!

We are right there with you!!

Undomestic said...

Max just his the terrible Twos and I forgot how it gets harder and harder. Until 3.

LH said...

crazy 12 is much easier than crazy 2, but there are still moments when i feel like doing some hair pulling. my own, my kid's...it varies.

i miss him at camp tho.

jdoc said...

Oops. That was me.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding all of these comments to be great birth control. Course, next time I see Shef that will be all over. He's very nice and sweet to the company, after all.

Molly said...

This all sounds too familiar, I feel like I am reading about my son! Stumbled on your blog and found it very entertaining!