Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Love the Fact That It Has the Joke on the Ass

Here's a tasteful, waist-up picture taken after the finish of the triathlon.

The whole thing was way fun, and I encourage you all to give the multi-sport experience a tri.


Mariah Mills said...

Hey, KC! I can't find your email address but I just wanted to let you know that I created my Australia blog. Congrats on completing the triathalon! :)

mi said...

Whoo hoo for you! You must be so incredibly proud of yourself! I absolutely you admire you for the hard work it took to complete your event.

changapeluda said...

I think you look great! Your arms are nice and buffed. And I think you have an air of accomplishment about you...don't worry about your ass!

Martha said...

Your ass looked just fine. No joke.
You rock and inspire me. Maybe this 51-year-old will just have to tri it!

KC said...

thanks for all the kind comments about my ass!

really the ass thing was something laura said on project runway last week; although i will admit that i did delete the ass photos my husband so sensitively took of me during the tri.

Undomestic said...


Can't wait to see what quote you pull from last night's episode!