Saturday, January 20, 2007

Committed to the Triathlon Lifestyle

As you may know, I’ve been committed to finding time for four workouts a week this school year. I think it’s been good for my stress and weight levels. I’ve never really been able to maintain fitness throughout the school year, mostly because in the past, I’ve been an exercise snob and perfectionist. Unless I was training for a Boston-qualifying marathon, it didn’t seem worth it to me to stay in shape.

I’m happy to report that I’m no longer that way. I no longer feel that I have to exercise for a certain amount of time to make it “worthwhile.” I no longer think I have to do things at a certain pace to see benefits.

And perhaps unfortunately for some, I no longer think it’s necessary to have a swimsuit that fully conceals my backside in order to do a few laps. After I got out of the pool today, I realized my Speedo was billowing around my stomach and the mole on my left butt cheek was clearly discernible through the “fabric” on the seat. I knew the suit was on its last legs, but I think it just sort of disintegrated.

Oh well. I guess seeing my ass is the price the rest of the Y patrons must pay for my well-being. I'm totally fine with that.

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