Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm Feeling Wistful and Contemplative

Well, the last hours of winter break are upon me. I had a really great vacation. I did almost no work (this will, of course, cause me pain in the coming weeks, but it’s pain I would’ve felt anyway), I visited the desert, and I did a lot of training for my half marathon. Oh, and also I registered for my thesis credits. This means that I’ll be finishing My Stupid Master’s Degree™ come heck or high water by May. I’m already planning the party.

Shef got great Christmas presents, became obsessed with all things Cars, and had his first day on downhill skis yesterday, thanks to his superstar grandfather.

Dan is back in Des Moines, for the fourth work-week in a row. I have developed systems for coping as a single parent, but it’s not exactly easy. The worst is the break-of-dawn drop off at daycare.

But anyway, here we go.


LH said...

love this savvy new look.

muy muy suave.

today went pretty well. the sixers look a little different after 2 weeks away. I graded papers in the afternoon. they may just get those report cards yet.

hug to mr. sheffield

KC said...

thanks, babe. when you said suave, that reminded me of rico suave. remember him???

i have tons to grade, but the sophs will just have to wait. that's all there is to it.