Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Ability to Write Diminishes With Each Consecutive Day of Single Parenting

I guess it's maybe because Dan's gone that's Shef's been working on his softer self this week. He's forgone fort-building and football practice for primping and talking about his feelings.

Last Friday, I missed a call from one of Shef’s teachers asking if she could paint his finger nails. He was really into the polish and bummed that he couldn’t get it done, so I slicked some red on him on Monday.

On Tuesday, we spent a half hour in Barnes and Noble reading books about Cinderella and Snow White. "Cinderella doesn't like her step mother, but she likes the prince," he reminded me.

Then, today at Target, Shef chose princess Pull-Ups over his usual Cars-emblazoned ones. When I put one on him at bedtime, he did a little happy dance, shaking his flower-covered butt all over the bathroom.

Finally, his grandma brought his new fish over. He got the fish for Christmas, but we went out of town right afterwards, so she had agreed to babysit. “I just want to be alone with my fish,” he announced, after feeding it and examining it for awhile.

I'm totally fine with all this stuff. I'm curious to see if he reverts to his boyishness over the weekend, when Dan makes his 24-hour appearance.


cg said...

oh so that is how you get them in touch with their feminine side! Hope you are coping with your weekends only marriage.

Undomestic said...

No pic of him in his pretty pull-ups?

I remember Cameron insisted on pink Dora pullups one time, and I obliged. You know they made Diego to market to all the boys, but my Max prefers Dora over Diego anyday!