Sunday, April 29, 2007

And You Lift Me Up in a Wave of Love

On Thursday night, some colleagues and I sojourned to Cragun’s, an up-north resort, to participate in a conference featuring English-related teaching techniques. It was a pretty good time, and we thought the talks went well, but the food wasn’t terrific. It was especially un-terrific for Rach, and what with the puking, she missed the story-teller on Friday evening.

When I got home on Saturday morning, I went straight into a whirlwind weekend including a trip to the Children’s Theater, a couple of visits to the hospital to see my grandfather, a birthday party for Dan’s sister, and errands at Target today, during which Shef rode in high-style on one of their super kid-carrying carts, standing on one foot on a platform designed for sitting, making exclamations like: “I love standing on one foot!” and “My penis shakes while we’re driving!”

I don’t think anyone could blame me for being tired.

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trulybrilliant109 said...

No mention of me and my dynamic personality at Panera? Tsk. Tsk. I mean, achoo.

We missed you Saturday night. I'm still waiting to hear you sing some Ozzie Osbourne on the karaoke.

Your post reminds me of my little Anya. When she was bathing at the age of three she used to push her chest together and say to me: Look Daddy, I have boobies! [Arguably one of the most unsettling experiences ever, so of course, she giggled and did it over and over.] Last weekend, the now-four-year-old put on Bryn 10.5's training bra on and stuffed it with her blanket. She then put on a dress and walked into the living room and again declared how she had nice boobies. Ugh.