Sunday, September 30, 2007

Status Report

On progress of religious education:

Me: What did you learn today in Church School?
Shef [hands me a picture of Noah's Ark he's "colored"]: A ship.
Me: What kind of ship is it?
Shef: It's an animal ship, [duh].

On not getting ass-kicked by beginning of school year:

Me [upon entering school building]: Hi.
Rach: Hi, Kace. Wow. You look like a wreck.
Me: I'm even wearing my eye-brightener.
Rach: God. Sorry.

On maintaining a happy, peaceful marriage:

Dan: I can't believe you told your friend that "Remarkably, [I] am the least nerdy of all my high school friends."
Me: I didn't mean it like that.
Dan: What did you mean? That I am so nerdy it would be impossible to find a whole group of nerdier people?
Me: Well.
Me: Tell me this: What shoes are you planning on wearing to your reunion? Go put your shoes on, and then we'll talk about nerdy.
Dan [returning wearing woolen, open-backed clogs. Planning to wear these to swank bar for fancy school reunion]: What? [indignant] These are cool!


Rachel said...

Cool AND comfy. What a pair.

LH said...

foto of the shoes would be a helpful companion to this entry.

i need new clothes right now, but no one's doing a damned thing about the situation and that frustrates me.

Undomestic said...

Completely unrelated to your post.

Any suggestions for a night out with the girls (age 30 to 40)...a little more than dinner...maybe some dancing as well????

Thought you might have some ideas.


wahine808 said...

ummm, *woolen* clogs? Is this some Minnesota thing?