Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kyrie Eleison Through the Darkness of the Night

Dr. G. suggested at Shef’s four-year visit that we start paying him to sleep through the night.

I was skeptical that this would work because so far, in four years, nothing has worked.

But we started trying it anyway about three weeks ago because, why not? And sure enough it does work.

God bless you, Dr. G.

Every time we go to Target, I march the kid through the car aisle, so he can see the Hot Wheels accessories he might buy if he sleeps enough nights. Then, I remind him of these things as I’m tucking him in at night.

“I’m gonna get a quarter,” he usually says.

Yes, we did raise the daily pay to twenty-five cents from ten, which was what Dr. G. originally suggested. Dan wrote about other key factors of implementation here.

And so this is the irony: this sleeping boon comes at a time when I have to pee at least four times per night.

Also, let’s not forget we’ll be starting over with another baby in about five weeks.

1 comment:

LH said...

I think sleeping through the night is worth more than .25

But if he's content, I suppose I won't intervene.

I can't wait til that new kid shows up!