Sunday, April 6, 2008

Make It Work

We’re back from our terrific vacation. It was super-fun. Still, I’m feeling mostly okay about being home. It was nice to get back to my Sleep Number last night. The biggest hang-up is the need to return to work tomorrow.

Here’s a photo from the trip taken by Dobby. It’s Shef and Dan checking out the snowman Shef had made earlier in the day with his ski school class. He’s a mountain skier who rides high-speed chairlifts now, which kind of freaks me out.


LH said...

I heartily enjoyed your vacation and was sorry for it to end as well. The skiing, the pedicures, the restful blogging.

Well done.

Tom said...

Aaaahhhh, sweet, blessed Sleep Number beds. I was more than happy to return home to my 35 last night after suffering two nights on an uncomfortable double at the in-laws.