Friday, April 11, 2008

"Wow! Look At You!"

All of a sudden, in the last three days, well-meaning people have started commenting frequently on my size; which, by the way, is much less remarkable than it was when I was pregnant with Shef.

First came the comment from the school secretary: “And were you THIS large with your first child?!”

Then the librarian: “Wow! You’re getting big! I mean, in a good way! It's good!”

Then, I had this exchange with the psychology teacher as we passed each other in the hallway: “You must be counting down the days!”

Me: “No, I actually have seven weeks left.”

PT: “REALLY?! Are you KIDDING?!”

Me: “Nope!”

PT: “Oh. Well.” Pause. “Youlookgreat.”

And finally tonight, Dan’s very lovely aunt, whom I’ve always liked a lot: “Hi, Tubby!”

Me: “Did you just call me ‘Tubby’?”

Aunt: “Yeah! You know. As a nice thing!”

And then she patted my back fat.


Undomestic said...

I had a male say, "Aren't you looking portly today!"

Sarah said...

Just remember that our cousin, Jim, told you that you didn't look like you could be as far along as you are because you looked so svelte. Ok, so he may not have actually used the word svelte, but I am pretty sure he was thinking it!

mi said...

My personal fave- strange men in the elevator telling me I must be due any day about 5 months along. Grrr... why do people have to comment at all?!