Saturday, July 12, 2008

Was It Sultry? YES IT WAS!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Mac was pretty fussy. Because Shef was lactose intolerant as a baby, I came to the conclusion that perhaps Mac was sensitive to milk, as well. I decided to remove all dairy from my diet for seven days and see what happened, and what happened was that he seemed less fussy.

But now he seems more fussy than he ever has been, so I'm second-guessing my dairy conclusion. Foregoing dairy has not eliminated any fussy times, especially not the fussy time that begins around six p.m. and continues until ten.

I think I'm going to begin eating foods containing dairy again and see what happens. I love dairy.


AnnD said...

Six week growth spurt maybe -his spurts may be a bit ahead, since he was born a bit later!

Hopefully you won't have to deal with a lactose intolerance.

Could it be that he is just fussy (that might be my vote). Andrew was so incredibly fussy (glass shatering screams at those hours, it was marginally better the rest of the day) - and it was just the way he was (and to a certain extent still is.

Good luck.

LH said...

Go to Zurdyk's and get some awesome cheese to celebrate your return to dairy. Geez, I miss that place.

Little Mommy said...

My first was very fussy at that time of the day, this one is not nearly as fussy in general but again this time of day seems to be not only his most awake time of day but also his most demanding.

What worked for me, for baby number 1 was a swing and roocking him in his car seat.

What is working for me this time is beaby wearing. I came to baby wearing a little later with number 1 (he was already 3+ months old) but I've been baby wearing number 2 since day 3 when we left the hospital. I have a couple of different types of baby carriers. I have the ergo, I have 2 pouch slings (similar to the hotsling) and I have a pea pod wrap. I love them all and use them interchangably and based on what I have to get done.

And I know that sometimes things are pressing and just need to get done, and while it may seem just like an excuse to be lazy, if the only thing that soothes my fussy baby in the evening is some one on one time with me, than I am more than happy to let the dishes sit, the laundry go unfolded and put away, the floors to remain unswept, mopped or vaccummed if it means keeping our collective sanity.

Good luck and I hope your find something to help soothe your baby.

Avery said...

Ah yes, the arsenic hours! I say, enjoy your dairy. All my babies seemed fussy during the same time- just when I wanted to start picking up house and making dinner. I always ended up on the couch nursing rather than getting anything done. One tip that has worked with all my babies was that even if they were screamy I could always vaccuum. It saved my sanity because it felt so good to not have a banby hanging on me and I actually felt productive cause I was cleaning my house. Try it! I would just put screamy baby in the bouncy chair or swing and vacuum the room around them. Something about the noise made them get nice and quiet and they would just look around or even fall asleep if I was lucky.

mi said...

Logan seemed very sensitive to me eating dairy and chocoloate. One Hershey's Kiss would set him off for hours. If dairy isn't the problem, it could be something else. Or not. It's all part of the wonder of it all.

KC said...

good tips, all! thanks for your input. i refuse to entertain the idea that the fussiness might be due to something even harder to eliminate than dairy... like caffeine or soy, so I think I'll just deal with the fussiness.

anne said...

I bet he's just fussy. Eleanor fussed from 6-10 (or 11, or midnight) for about 10 weeks, then it got started to get better, and now she's fine. Don't eliminate things from your diet unless you know for sure that's what's causing the fussiness--and there's really no way of knowing that! You need your caffeine.

Jackie said...

I hope Mac is feeling better. I loved the lactose intolerant discussion in Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle. The video of Mac is so adorable. I was just ooing and awing. He doesn't look fussy at all.