Saturday, March 7, 2009

Groove IS in the Heart

Last night we went to Disney on Ice courtesy of the chartered jet people that Dan's dad's company uses.

Thanks, Dobby and Corporate Plane Company!

First, Dan and Shef got to skate on the Disney on Ice Stage with the woman who plays Dori from Nemo. Then, we had dinner and got our pictures taken with Minnie and Mickey. During this phase, Shef got to choose some Disney merchandise. He chose the "Disney On Ice Sword." It's a plastic sheath and sword not specifically associated with any particular Disney production. Sweet! He and another kid immediately started dueling in the Hospitality Suite where coconut shrimp was served in the buffet.

Finally, we got to sit rink-side for the show. Sitting rink-side was pretty exciting. The skaters came right up to wave at us. Some expected high-fives or handshakes.

That part was slightly awkward, actually. It was like, okay Man in the Too-Tight Simba Costume, I enjoyed your soulful skate to "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." Congratulations, and now... I'd appreciate it if you and your package would please move along.


Alli said...

totally had a similar experience as a child, except it was Dopey and Doc in the tights with beards! Go Disney!

LH said...

Great job picking out the sword, Shef. Maybe it's slightly connected to Sword and the Stone. (Sword IN the stone????) Has he seen that one yet? very good.