Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They Print My Message In The Saturday Sun

I've always enjoyed having the teacher identity - being in a helping profession, getting to know all kinds of terrific kids, talking about literature and writing, and of course, collecting entertaining anecdotes for dinner parties.

Like this one time when I was a student teacher in seventh grade English, a kid named Carl got under his desk and wouldn't come out. When he was down there on the floor, he kept yelling, "Piss fuck! Piss fuck! Piss fuck!"

And another time, when I was passing out a new novel to my tenth-graders, this kid Brendon said, "Why do we have to read all this stupid shit?"

And so, because I'm no longer sure how to answer those tough questions, I'm officially taking a break from teaching.

Will people swear at me when I write stuff for them? Only time will tell.


Aunt Pat said...

Are you going to free-lance or work for one employer?

Rachel said...

Today a boy in my class declared that he would "bang Taylor Swift any day of the week."

I told him--and the class--that people who talk about banging people aren't ever actually banging anyone.

Yes, I believe those were my exact words.

Those are the moments you just aren't going to miss. Ever.

LH said...

If they swear at you, just use your teacher look to stare them down. You'll have them quaking in no time.

KC said...

I'm doing freelance marketing communications! And, my teacher look is laughable. I just never developed a good one. Dan (and Renee) have always thought mine is hilarious because I look so stupid doing it.