Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blinded By the Light

This year has been such a weird mix of exhilaration (Best Year Evah!) and almost falling off a cliff of anxiety and busyness.

Basically, whenever something happens to upset the (extremely tenuous) balance - kid sick, parent sick, parent traveling, major shake-up at work, Dan working all the time (even more than usual), or babysitter sick - things get sort of terrible.

This week, I'm sad to say we're dealing with four of the conditions listed above.

Rachel told me tonight that she thinks she should write herself a letter to open every year. The letter would say, "FEBRUARY ALWAYS TOTALLY SUCKS." And then she'd remember and maybe not be so miserable. It's a good idea. Let's consider this blog post that letter.

Hey you in February 2011 with the left ear sticking out: It'll be better in March!!

Okay, great. Done. I feel so much better.


Tom said...

So true. February ALWAYS sucks. I say adieu and good riddance!

Gina Marie said...

February sucks so bad... the only good thing about February is that it's shorter!!!