Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shine On

Status Update: Mac is becoming a two-year-old, sure enough. He speaks in sentences now. Here are a some samples:

"No want it."

"No want to."

"Poopy in potty."

This is not my favorite age, FYI.


Anonymous said...

My sister's 2.5 yr old has turned into a new boy. His behavior is so different! His sister (3.5) is thankfully sliding right into threesies.

Tracy P. said...

Yeah, but poopy in the potty? That's awesome! We just had to take Sophie to a poop psychologist. I am not kidding. We're still having issues with poopy in the potty.

anne said...

Is Mac actually going poopy in the potty? That is very impressive. Eleanor's right there with him in the contrary department!

KC said...

The potty is a big Montessori activity, so he's had some success! It's not regular.

Trace, what did the psychologist say??

Tom said...

Have you reached the "MIIIINE" stage yet. That's my least favorite part of a two-year-old's development.