Friday, February 5, 2010

Quicker Than a Ray of Light

I took a personal day today to attend Shef's Literacy Feast, which was adorable. The kindergartners dressed up in chef's hats and aprons and recited poetry about food and sang songs about food, including one in French. Then they served the foods mentioned in books that they like.

Don't worry: we're making a video about the Feast which we'll edit and post to this blog. Just as soon as we're done.

After the Feast, I came home for a day of rest and relaxation after the past week, which has been (and I'm not overstating this even one bit) COMPLETELY MISERABLE.

I made a cup of coffee, and then I did this:

Four loads of laundry.

Sorted the mail and made a file for the tax documents.

Mapped out the summer. On the calendar.

Registered for Shef's summer soccer.

Purchased tap shoes for Shef's dance class. Free two-day shipping.

Submitted a proposal to teach a three-week summer school class called "Write for Justice" to middle schoolers.

Booked Shef's birthday party. Rock climbing. 10 kids.

Reviewed application materials for my next graduate program and read an article on plays by American women in the 19th century to prepare to write my personal statement.

Then, I picked up the kids and flung us back into the house. Before I left to get the kids, I felt like I really was having a day off. I think that might be a little sad.


Anonymous said...

onmgosh. Way too much stuff and this isn't how to spend a day off.

Tracy P. said...

Oops. I mean interesting.

Tracy P. said...

I finally started a blog. I'm not going to lie, it's not that interesteding so far but... Anyway, it's: Tell me how to make a link from it to yours!

LH said...

You did a lot.
A remarkable amt.

Gina Marie said...

I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but... you're probably much wiser than I am if you can pull this day off and then blog about it without using expletives. KUDOS!