Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Children

I've been so consumed with work lately that I haven't written about the adorable children who live here.

The big news is that Mac speaks in cute, little sentences now. "I come in, Sheffie?" he'll ask if Shef retreats to his room after school.

"I like it," he'll tell me any time he eats something sweet.

"I find worms," he announces while digging in his sandbox.

And there's more stuff about pretty much anything. Of course, "No want to," and "No like that" still figure prominently in our lives.

Shef is obsessed with Star Wars and the Star Wars Lego Wii game. A couple of weeks ago he posted a sign on his door that says, "Onley Storm Trooprs Can Axiss Thees Areea And Darth V." Every day on the way to school, he makes me ask him questions about playing the Wii game. This is only the thing he wants to talk about.

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AmyRobynne said...

That sounds sounds very similar to one Peter and Leo hung the other day. It happened to have an Indiana Jones theme, but they switch between Indy and Star Wars with their obsessions. Leo's more into Indiana Jones than Peter. My dad has video game versions of both, but they only get that in occasional doses. The boys spend most of their waking hours at home either building SW/IJ Lego sets or pretending they are the characters, sometimes from both movies at once. Leo disturbs people with his knowledge of the IJ movies, although he's only seen the Lego version.

Here's our family's sign, with 6 year old wording:
"Keep out! Moma, dade, and Jim (and Kara & Phoebe)
Please keep out! Indeana Jones Privice!"

They also barricaded the door with a pack n play mat. The extra people on the list are my BIL, SIL, and niece who were visiting.