Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ray, This is 1987

There are 21 instructional days remaining in the school year. This count doesn't include final exams, which I don't really believe in giving but am sometimes forced to do so.

I just finished my Gatsby unit in American Lit today, and then I nearly had a heart attack when I thought I'd screwed up my pacing so badly that I'd have a whole extra week to fill between now and my last unit.

I was so relieved when I figured out I could easily carry memoirs out for three weeks. Tomorrow they'll pick between The Glass Castle and The Color of Water. We'll do some creative writing alongside these great texts a couple of times per week.

And then, blessedly, we'll end up at finals week totally in-tact and unscathed.

Let's all hope for this, shall we? We might just finish this thing after all.


Anonymous said...

Love both those books! Hope the students will also!

Anonymous said...

"We're might just finish this thing after all." This is in fact a typo. The compound "we are" does not coherently flow with the rest of the sentence. It must have been a long year for an english teacher to make such a mistake. :)
Do your students read "A Brave New World" in their classes? I'm debating adding that to my course next year and was curious to know your thoughts.

KC said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Anon. I fixed it right up.

I don't teach A Brave New World, but kids do read it in World Lit at my school. I think it's pretty popular.