Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Time to Blog Again

Last weekend, we had to go to Ikea to buy Mac a big-kid bed. He started climbing out of his crib awhile ago, and so we have no choice.

I was happy for the excuse to go to Ikea because I had some crap in my trunk to return. One of things was a chair that would not put together no matter what. The other thing was a light we decided was kind of ugly. I bought these things in August, and they've been in my trunk ever since. I figured if they wouldn't give me a refund, they'd probably at least take the junk.

I told Dan this story on the way in, and he was preemptively embarrassed about my plan to return this nine month-old crap. We'd both read the signs proclaiming a 90-day return policy.

"Hi!" I smiled cheerfully at the return clerk. "I bought this stuff WAY more than 90 days ago."

"I'll just be over here," Dan said, laughing openly. I had started unloading chair pieces onto the counter, scooping dusty screws into the open palms of the clerk. And he had abandoned me, let the record show.

Five minutes later, I learned that Ikea would give me $42.00 in store credit for the crap from my trunk.

"Oh my god!" I said to the clerk. "I love Ikea!"

"That's our goal," she smiled.

"Well, you're doing a really good job," I told her.

And then we paid for a third of Mac's new bed and mattress with the little return card given to me by that clerk.

God bless America. And Sweden. Obviously.


LH said...

I'm SO BAD at returning things. I'm in awe.

Gina Marie said...

I love Ikea. I hate returning things so much that I almost always have to do so after the 30/60/90 day policy is up.

KC said...

I feel I should add to the story that the seat of the chair never made it out of my trunk, and that $42 was the purchase price of these items!!

AmyRobynne said...

I've got some IKEA shelves with scribbling on them from a couple years ago. I suppose it would be asking too much to return those.

AmyRobynne said...

I should clarify that the boxes have scribbles, not the shelves, and they're unopened.