Friday, September 3, 2010

Bring on the Children

Workshops are over, and it's time for the children to arrive. Let's get going kids! I'm ready for you, and I scored us some netbooks!

The school spirit and leadership group has designed t-shirts for us once again. Last year, the shirts said, "Best Year Ever." This year, they say, "Come Together."

Many of us teachers were suspicious of these t-shirts from the start. First of all, "Come Together" has a double meaning that I think many readers can infer. Also, they're golden, while our school colors are green and white. Finally, there's an "o" instead of a "0" in 2011.

This is high school, people. We have to face the possibility that the students have knowingly designed us dirty shirts. "Come shirts," my departmental colleague calls them.

And, away we go! Let's get 'er done!


anne said...

Oh dear, those shirts do not bode well. But dirty slogans on school spirit t-shirts aside, I hope you have a fabulous, wholesome start to your school year, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I recall from high school your cc team having a water tower tee shirt that didn't quite look like a water tower. Seems that one could compliment the current shirt! Mom

Gina Marie said...

I'm apparently as mature as your students because I'm laughing out loud at this.

... Someday Mare and I will tell you what our senior shirts meant. They said slice and we claimed they meant "Senior Ladies In Control (of) Everything". Not true.