Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bright Light

Yesterday, I was not a Bright Light. In a meeting, I told everyone that our curriculum review would likely be a "miserable disaster."

Some people were shocked by this pronouncement. Later Jackie called me a Black Hole instead of a Bright Light.

I was in a better mood in the evening when we saw Dan's girlfriend Carrie Underwood at the State Fair. That girl has pipes that no one can deny.

And, as a bonus, we also ran into blogger Gina. Her hair really did look great. We took a group photo that Dan will probably post later when I'm getting inspired at a staff meeting.


Anonymous said...

A Black Hole instead of a Bright is a big difference! Perhaps, you are just slowly warming up to the big bright glow? Best wishes for the school year. My first two "inspirational meetings" are today and tomorrow. I hope to be a neutral, just kind-of light...transparent and hopefully not volunteering for anything...will see. Love, Mom

Gina Marie said...

I'm really struggling with the Negative Nancy vibe too, lately. Hoping I can snap out of it in time for my MOST FAVORITE SEASON!

So glad I ran into you- though I did about seven takes and a long stare before I was positive it was you. So is the life of Internet BFFs eh?

... You should I'm weeping at my desk over the hair comment.

Good luck today!

kc said...

THANKS, MOM! I was back to being a Bright Light yesterday except there were a few barriers.

Gina, I knew it was you right away with only a slight hesitation!! But, yes, that's the way it is with internet BFFs. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck in first grade,Shef! As a first grade teacher, I think first grade is F.U.N. and I hope you have a great teacher! We had Open House tonight and it was good to know that I already have some great imitations down pat of my new firsties!

LH said...

Happy FRIDAY! I was quite glum on Wednesday and part of Thursday and then I kind of snapped out of it. Not sure why exactly.

KC said...

N, I didn't realize it was first grade for you! How great. We got to meet shef's teacher on Wednesday, and she seemed really nice. He's excited.