Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've been having an issue with my blog and my Twitter feed lately. The issue is, for some reason, I just don't DO it. And then, when I haven't done it, what happens is that I feel a massive gaping hole in my life that eats at my soul.

I LOVE my blog! It's important for me to COMMIT to my BLOG! I don't know why I haven't been writing it lately, but I do know this avoidance behavior has to stop .

What's going to happen now is I'm posing my own challenge to myself: I'm going to blog every day between now and the first day of my new job, which is August 18th. This is my solemn vow.

I'm also going to try to include images because people like to see images and other media on the blog. As we know, the BLOG is not just about me, it's about anyone who wants to read it. That's the whole deal with the blogs. They're interactive.


KC said...

Interactive means commenting, fyi.

LH said...

Yeah, we need to have the end of summer challenge. Every day til the 18th. In other words, can I join your challenge?

mm said...

I understood your inference, "They're interactive."

Maybe we need a beginning of the school year blog challenge... not that I am advocating the beginning of the school year.

Kc said...

Yeah! Join up, pals! Let's all blog every day!

And, I'm glad we're on the same page with the commenting.

jhw said...

Did you really mean "whole"? I agree about the commitment and eating away at the soul thing.

KC said...

NO, i meant HOLE!! What a glaring mistake for an English teacher. I'm going to fix that right up. ;)