Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raise A Glass If You're All Wrong

Dan and I went to a fabulous wedding last weekend in Chicago. The wedding was pretty fancy and started late - ceremony at 7pm; entrees at 11! It was also the first Jewish wedding we'd attended, and immediately we wished that we too could have had a Jewish wedding. The symbolism alone was enough to make this English teacher swoon.

I went so far as to say I wanted to BE Jewish, but Dan told me to stop being ridiculous. He also refused to don the yarmulke. There was a big pile by the door and I elbowed him over there to get one.

"I don't think that's appropriate!" he insisted.

"I think it's respectful!" I retorted.

Later he pretended not to know me while I did our choreographed routine to "Dynamite" on the dance floor and then belted out "The Edge" by Lady Gaga right along with the band. To be fair, a lot of the older ladies were also singing along and dancing crazily.

They were also mostly wearing floor-length black gowns. Even the mothers of the bride and groom were wearing floor-length black gowns. I was wearing coral to the knee. Oops! I thought maybe this was another Jewish tradition I didn't know about? Wearing black to the wedding? But my friend Ann told me that really it was probably just black-tie optional. She's so smart.


Jill said...

My favorite thing is how both parents walk the bride--and the groom--down the aisle. Sounds like a blast!

KC said...

In this wedding, the bride met her parents half-way down the aisle, as did the groom. It was very sweet.