Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nine Butts

We're on our second night at the cabin with our friends, Liz and Tom and their three kids. It's super fun.

The only parts that aren't fun are the dishes and bedtime. It's actually bedtime right now. It has been for an hour. Still, right now, three of the five children are still awake. As everyone knows, we're not that skilled at bedtime in general; and we're even worse on the road.

Dan fell asleep with Mac, even though I'm pretty sure he'd rather be up to watch a hit movie with the rest of us. I'll wake him in a bit after I'm sure I can do it without accidentally disturbing his majesty the three year-old.


LH said...

His Majesty Mac! We used to have His Majesty Quinn here!

KC said...

Those kids really rule things! Especially the youngers, I guess?? Princes both!