Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Girl Is Hotter Than Your Girl

Read two more books.  One was The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which most middle school teachers and kids have already read.  I thought it was okay, but I wasn't all that wowed by it, to tell you the truth.  Maybe that makes me kind of a bad person?  I liked the art and all; it's just that I didn't love the story all that well.

The other was the follow up to the parenting book I mentioned a few days ago.  Instead of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, this one is called How to Talk So Teens Will Listen, and Listen So Teens Will Talk.  It was an interesting review of the ideas presented in the previous book with some solid tips for positive communication for all.  Here's a takeaway that has me thinking my jobs as Mom and Teacher: "Punishment has no place in a loving relationship." 

Overall, I feel enriched by my summer reading.  I checked out some new books at the library.  One is called Culture Clash, and it's about getting your dog to not be completely insane.  Not that anyone here has an insane dog.  It's just a theoretical idea - the Crazy Dog identity, and what it means for humankind.


LH said...

I'm reading the Shades of Gray trilogy and the Ana character in that series would agree with the comment about punishment you've blogged about here.

Also reading Wolf Hall about Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII for my book club. Don't like it too much, that's why I keep going back to Shades of Gray.

Hugo wasn't my fave, but the kids enjoyed it because I projected the art with the doc cam as I read it aloud. They said it was like watching a movie, and that's what Selznick wanted it to be. Too much film history tho, I thought. Not really integrated into the story that well.

That crazy little Pronto. He's really growing on me.

KC said...

That's a really cool idea with the doc camera. I did like the ideas Selznick had about what to emphasize in the drawings. V. creative.

I read the first Shades of Gray book, and then I felt like I was done. But, I am curious to know how it ends.

LH said...

I'm reading the second one. You should too.no one will know its on our iPads.