Monday, July 2, 2012

Other Duties As Assigned

I'm just back from my latest stint as a camp worker.  This time I did the weirdest mix of jobs ever, I think.  First, I did my regular jobs of proofreading and editing.  Later, I did my other regular job of coordinating and organizing awards.  Otherwise I did tasks ranging from emptying the garbage to organizing dining tables into whimsical shapes.

Now I'm back to my usual jobs.  Should be a good, but wickedly hot, week.


LH said...

You were a jack of all trades. Did you bring the pup to camp????

jdoc said...

Are you at camp all week? That sounds so fun. And terribly hot. I don't mind the AC so much right now.

kc said...

Nope - I just go for three days at a time and then come home. And, NO Pronto isn't camp ready. That guy can barely walk around the neighborhood.