Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tell a Friend

Here I am again at Camp Foley for my 4th of 5 stints. This time around, I brought Mac. Usually Mac refuses to be separated from me. He generally sits on me in public. At my violin lesson, he leans against my legs while I play.

Because of this trend, I was a little nervous about Mac's role as a day camper.

But, he surprised me! "I know I have to do things on my own," he told me this morning. And sure enough, he went to every activity - ski boat riding, archery, water games, fishing, and nature class - without crying. At lunch, he told me he wasn't going to sit with me. He'd be busy with an older girl camper. After dinner, he cried when I told him he wasn't invited to evening program.

You really rose to the occasion, Mac! Must be because you're "already four."


LH said...

I love how things can change so suddenly sometimes. I wish I could go to Camp Foley.

jdoc said...

Can Sam go to Camp Foley some day? How do I sign him up?

Anonymous said...

That's great news...for both you and Mac. Way to go Mac!!!! love nana