Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hooptie Hooptie Hoop

Just finished a morning run and on my way upstairs to comb out my hair. Let's hope this is the last comb-out, shall we? It takes for flipping ever. I have to do everyone's hair at some point today - front-to-back, back-to-front, left-to-right, and right-to-left with a nit comb.

We now own four of those. One for each of us, boiled between uses.

After all that, we're planning on opening up the rest of the house. The lice should be dead by now. They need a human host, or else they die in 48 hours. We gave them 96 just to be safe.

My next stop today will be to one of the salons that carries lice-repelling spray. Each of us will be dosed in that before returning to school. If we get the lice right back again, I'll probably freak out pretty hard-core. I handled this outbreak with humor and a smile. If there's a next outbreak, I think I'll handle it with a full-blown temper tantrum.


LH said...

I've learned some stuff about lice and de-licing tools from you. Thanks v. much. I could get lice at any moment.

jdoc said...

De-licing sounds like a full-time project. Good job with the humor. I hope those lousy lice never come back.

KC said...

Thanks for the support, friends. I appreciate it. Let's face it. Lice are not really that funny.