Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whatchu Want?!

I recently re-read some previous blog entries. Specifically, the ones I've written each September since the inception of this blog in 2005. Sometimes I do that, read back through that month's posts through history, just to review life a bit. The kids like it because there are usually funny stories about them at different ages.

Anyway, based on that research, I can say that I'm having a pretty good, calm start of school.Still, I've lost my keys. I drove home, came inside, and lost them. Or Pronto ate them. All 15 or 20. That's actually a possibility.

Also, Mac still refuses to discuss school most of the time. He says he doesn't do anything and doesn't have any pals, but the newsletters from the teacher show him doing tons of stuff and include transcripts of his interactions with pals. He played a leading role in designing a haunted house with silky scarves, for instance. He's also written about six books, all titled MOM. I'd be super flattered, except for that the only words he actually knows how to write really well are MOM and MAC.

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