Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Were All Born Superstars

There's an Autumn challenge afoot, so I'm happy to report that I did indeed go outside today and enjoy some primo Autumn weather.

I actually went for a run after school with a fab colleague. A highlight of this particular training run was encountering the entirety of the middle school boys' cross country team. Hi, guys!

For some reason, I signed up for two races with this gal: a 10k on the 14th of October and a 10 miler on the 27th. So, we'll likely be enjoying more autumnal experiences before the snow falls.


Mary M. said...

I hope you joined the cross country team for a bit of your run.

jdoc said...

I should probably do that 10k. Or some race in the near future. What is it?

LH said...

I like that you've got some races planned. Brava!