Sunday, February 10, 2013

Recap 1: Saturday Morning

Right out of the gate, I know that Saturday brings a challenge.  I have plenty of needs and wants.  I also have no willingness to sacrifice.  I encounter some eye-rolling from Dan as we plan our day, actually.  This is less-than-helpful, but I soldier on.

When morning comes, I wake early and don running clothes.  My marathon-training schedule (did I mention I'm running a marathon in June?  It will be my sixth) says I have to do a race-pace workout of 4 miles at 8:23 pace.  I check a website with treadmill conversion paces and find that I'll have to either 8:20s or 8:27s.  I pick the slower.  I plug in my audio book (The Round House by local hero, Louise Erdrich) and accomplish it.

Next event is my violin lesson.  We have some double-booking, so I tote Mac along. He insists that I carry him down the sidewalk to the studio.  I do it, although I'm also hauling my violin and a bag with our slippers in it.  I prefer to lesson in slippers.  Once safely inside, I hand over an electronic device and pray for silence.  He's playing some war strategy game called Clash of Clans, which is probably inappropriate for four year-olds.  So sue me.  Bad news at the lesson: I fail my review of Becker's Gavotte.  Good news at the lesson: I pass my review of Martini's Gavotte, Gavotte in G Minor by Bach, and Dvorak's Humoreque.  Not too shabby.

We race over to World Martial Arts for Shef's climactic yellow belt test.  This kid has been rehearsing combinations 1-8, and we all know he has them cold.  Still, the testing environment intimidates.  About 20 adults and kids line the performance ring and take turns being ordered through their paces in small groups, yelling "Sir!" and "Kee-up!" and such.  Shef has to test alone because he's the only white belt. Is he hesitant?  No, he is not.  He displays unfailing confidence.  He makes no mistakes.  He accepts compliments and earns a YELLOW BELT!

Next, I run out of there and take Mac to hockey. While there, I read Diane Ravitch's The Death and Life of the Great American School System on my Kindle App.  With this action, I displayed utmost commitment to my professional book club.  I'm sure everyone is duly impressed.


mm said...

You accomplished a lot!

Oh, and congrats to Shef.

Molly said...

I read the Round House over the holidays- I thought it was fabulous! Louise Erdrich is a goddess.

jdoc said...

I am impressed, actually. It takes me a while to get out of my loungewear on a Saturday. Kudos, Shef!

lee said...

you listen to a book when you're running?
please clarify.

KC said...

Yes, I listen to books when I'm running. I use Audible. I'm a member. I love it.