Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recap 9: Tready

This will be a short one.  Here's the story: I don't like running outside in the winter.  Once a week, I brave it because my friend Paula goes with me, but otherwise, I go to the basement in my shorts and t-shirt and run on my handy treadmill.  Besides the warmth, it's also nice because I don't need a babysitter.

The downside is that can be boring, especially when I have a lot of miles to cover. Today I did eleven, but I had strategies to combat the ennui.

I started the run by finishing The Round House by Louise Erdrich, which I listened to via Audible.  It's an absolutely fantastic, suspenseful, emotional, superbly-plotted novel.  But, I only had like 25 minutes left of it.

After it concluded (perfectly, btw), I cued up Parenthood on Netflix.  Great show.  Love it so much.  I'm in Season 3.  Love all the characters and continue my girl-crush on Lauren Graham.  I watched two eps.  At about 7.5 miles, I took a quick break for some water.  Later, I finished the run.


KK said...

Good work! I don't know how you run that many miles on a treadmill. Within 30 secs of a run on a treadmill, I'm bored and wishing it was over no matter what I'm watching or listening to. You have great mental fortitude to get through such long runs!

mm said...

I just added The Roundhouse to my phone. Thanks for the inspiration.

jdoc said...

I am able to run for one entire episode of Project Runway on a treadmill. Nothing more. Mostly because I'm out of shape, now that I think about it.