Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Look! I'm starting over again at A. Why stop now? Let's just keep the writing rolling.

That A is the title of a podcasting project I did with Lee, who is rocking it up in Israel this days. The project was awesome, to be honest. A really cool thing. Everyone who's ever heard of the project has loved it. I'm not bragging; I'm just being honest.

These days, I'm working on another cool project that is taking up all my time and kind of stressing me out. Not everyone who's ever heard of it loves it, but I'm trying to just be zen about the haters. They're not really haters, anyway. They're not even dislikers. I think they're just not-surers.


jdoc said...

Thinking I might join you on the alphabet posts. I need some inspiration and motivation. I LOVED the podcast project, btw.

LH said...

I wish I could know more about this cool project you're doing. I'm already fascinated!!!!