Saturday, September 7, 2013


That's my new favorite song, "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama. Shef taught me a super cool dance to this song, and I love to groove to it all around the family room. Unfortunately, my family is always harshing my vibe and breaking my dreams.

"Do you think Lil Mama would hire me to be a back-up dancer?" I wondered as I performed an expertly-modified Running Man.

"KC," Dan said, not looking up, "stop it. You're embarrassing us all."


mm said...

As long as Shef doesn't think it's embarrassing, you're good.

lee said...

A good comeback would have been something like, "You're embarrassing us all, Dan."

But I'm sure you had your own witty remark that did the job just fine.

Martha Pettee said...

Whacha know about me, wha cha wha cha know about me?
Shef was totally grooving on this song at Camp Cupcake! He (and Mac) are geniuses. How do they learn every line?

Finally, capacity for embarrassing those around us is probably a genetic trait. Sorry about that. Keep your groove on!