Saturday, September 14, 2013


I meant to write this post last weekend: We went to the Mill City Farmers' Market and Museum last Saturday. It was idyllic. We ate our lunch on the steps of the Guthrie Theater and looked over the Mighty Mississip.

Between then and now, I've taught my first full week of school. It was invigorating, I have to say; but now I'm tired. Does that make sense? We also had Curriculum Night, and I got to meet and greet hundreds of parents. It's completely worthwhile, but also exhausting.

At this moment, everyone is probably dying to know about the sugar experiment. Remember last week when I wrote how sugar is poisonous, and I'm not going to eat it anymore?

I haven't eaten any sugary foods since then! I can't even believe it!

And, I am amazed by the results. I have no sugar cravings, I'm more energetic, and I've been eating as much as I want of everything else. Also, I've lost three pounds. There's no reason for me not to continue this new trend of low-sugar living.

Next on the "quit" list is Diet Coke because did you know that artificial sweeteners trigger the same insulin response as real sugar? Also, they're neurotoxins, whatever that means? But, I really love Diet Coke, so I'm not planning to do anything drastic at this juncture.


Kari said...

I am weaning myself off diet coke too! It's a tough battle, but it IS possible- I went without a drop in 2011! Good luck :) ~Kari

LH said...

Do you eat granola bars?

Gina Marie said...

Whooooo hooooooooo! Spurred by your no-sugar commitment, I went one full week without sugar, and agree that it was easier than I thought, and I felt a LOT better. Then I went to Emily's bachelorette party, where I ate all of the sugary things, and now I'm trying to find some middle ground. Somewhere between no brownies and every single brownie. I'll keep you posted.

jdoc said...

When you say "no-sugar," how strict is that? Like nothing with sugar in it? Or no sugary treats? What's the limit?