Saturday, October 19, 2013


I came down to breakfast this morning and started making coffee, just like normal. Because I now have a "meditation practice," I've "integrated" coffee making into my habit of "mindfulness." Like, I try to "check in with my breath" and stuff while I make coffee.

So, I was doing that, when I was interrupted by my husband, who is now golfing this morning and will not be present for Shef's hockey session.

"I've agreed to talk to you on behalf of Shef," he begins, "about tying his skates tighter at practice."

I raised my left eyebrow and frowned skeptically.

"Like," he continued, "sometimes it's a matter of pulling out really hard on the laces." He demonstrated the appropriate action.

I stared in incredulous silence for a beat before delivering my response: "Do you think I'm not trying to tie the skates as tight as I can?"

"Well," he said. "Um."

"Do you think there might be a difference in, for instance, the SIZE OF OUR MUSCLES?!"

This prompted Dan to flex and make gun references.

"I can't believe you two would even bring this up," I said, directing my ire at both males in question. "Maybe Shef should just tie his own dumb skates."

There were some attempted hugs and condolences, but I remained irked.

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LH said...

Husbandman and I laughed heartily while reading this. It's funny that your mindful coffee making was interrupted with the shoelace commentary.

Maybe they hockey team people should employ a lace tie-er machine. I think I'm on to something here. Get some of your sixers to design it with the 3D printer at your school.

I just downloaded a sample of Invent to Learn. They talk a lot about 3D printers in the intro.

I've gotten off track with my comment, but I really love this blog post.