Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Have you ever experienced hockey try-outs for nine year-olds?

They are interminable and inordinately stressful.

They've been going on for like a week and are still not finished. This isn't like me to say, but I'm going to say: let's stop the madness and just play tons of hockey every day for the entire winter until March.


mm said...

We had an 8th grader cut from the basketball team at school yesterday, so he didn't want to go to ALC. I totally understand why he didn't want to come, but I can't understand adults that "cut" in middle school. Let them play.

KC said...

Ugh - that's terrible. At least in this case, the worst that can happen for Shef is that he makes the lowest-level team and gets the same amount of ice time as the A kids.

LH said...

It might be good if the teams were just selected on random drawings. That saves a lot of time and could end up with some surprising results. Suggest this to your peeps, and let me know what they say.