Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Everybody Wants Some

I was in a spectacular mood when I went in for light therapy. Do you know what it's like? I didn't. Here's the scoop:

You go into a nice waiting room and disrobe. You don a hospital gown, and then you get to pick up your own special goggles from a bin WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! You love that. It's like you belong in the phototherapy clinic, and you were meant to be there. I'm not really exaggerating.

Then, a super chatty nurse says nice things to you and orients you to a 360 stand-up light machine. She also orients you to the side effects, which you don't care about at all. You only care about your fervent desire to not look like a leper.

"Wow!" she says, looking at your chart. "You get to start off with a high dose! He's really being aggressive with this."

You feel glad about this even though you tend to burn easily.

"You might get red for 12-24 hours, but if it doesn't go away; or if you blister, be sure to let us know."

Blah, blah - let's get into the LIGHT!

You stand on a towel in the middle of the machine and hand the nurse your robe through a small crack in the door. It's awesome that she respects your right to hide your lesion-ridden body from her.

A few seconds later, all the lights come on and you visualize a clear, smooth body. It's warm and spectacular, even though it only lasts a minute. And, later, when you change into your pajamas after you shower, you notice that several spots are completely zapped. Like, GONE. Sure, the skin is slightly red, but the spots! Faded! Gone! Hope and happiness! More lights on Thursday! Lights, Lights, Lights!


mm said...

It seems similar to a standup tanning bed...

Sarah said...

So great you noticed improvement right away! That's great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! Looking forward to the next report! Mom

LH said...

Wow. This is documentary reporting at its finest. It makes me want to get some light therapy asap.