Monday, April 28, 2014

Reach Out My Hand

With Mac, there's no guarantee he's going to do anything.  That's just the way he is.  He's willful.  Super cute and sweet and also finicky. I had to read a parenting book about how to deal with that kid.  It was called How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk.  Highly recommend.

Anyway.  He had his first violin recital yesterday.  Of course, I was afraid he'd just NOT play.  He started out this way.  His teacher said, "Would you like to do a quick rehearsal right here?"

"I already practiced," he said.

"I mean, in this space," she clarified.

"No," he said.

Classic error here, Teacher Jennifer.  You don't ASK him really anything.  You TELL him, "We're now doing a rehearsal right here in this space."  She's fallen into this trap more than once, and she knows the best thing to do is move on.  Mac cannot be cajoled. 

Recital starts, and Mac whispers to me about the program.  He loves seeing his name on the program.  He watches the kids go up, and honestly, he seems like he's going to do it.  A really little kid refused to go, and I said, "That kid is REALLY little. I think he's three."

This tactic of pointing out what little kids (not 5 year-olds) do only SOMETIMES works and never in the heat of the moment, just in case you are ever "in charge" of Mac.  This time it seemed to work.  The little kid made a huge scene. Mac was embarrassed for him.

Finally, it was his turn.  He marched up there, pointed to the small piano that he preferred Jennifer play, and just totally nailed it.  Here's the proof:


Anonymous said...

Mac, Your nailed it! You played it so beautifully! Thanks to your mom for the video. I have watched it several times and will keep a copy. Love, nana

LH said...

That was phenomenal. Peter and I are both super impressed! Well done, MAC!

KK said...

Fantastic! Good work Mac!