Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Know What Would Be Fun

An esteemed colleague asked me to present with him at the upcoming Minnesota Google Summit. Oh sure, I said. Sounds good! Submitted the proposal, accepted, and now I actually have to plan a presentation for the Summit. I have ten days. I'm sure it will get done.

The Summit also has a "Badge Challenge." This is a new learning thing where people collect badges for doing stuff. Of course, I'm usually all over this kind of thing. I love artificial rewards for moving through my days! But now I have to design a badge challenge. What will people have to do in my session in order to get my badge? This is what I have to figure out. Probably todayish. Then, I'll probably become obsessed with Badge Challenges and conceive a whole program for my Middle School. Then, I'll volunteer to roll it out next week, and learn an entirely new skillset - Coding! Web design! - in order to accomplish the task of launching my revolutionary new system within the short time frame.


mm said...

Hey! I'll be at the Google Summit. What is your presentation? I'll look for it. Also, I like badges and think maybe posting a comment to the presenters blog should earn a badge. Helpful I am.

LH said...

I can't wait to learn about programming from you. Please help me with this asap.