Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bike Camp

Back in June we had Mac's birthday party at an indoor rock climbing place.  He was excited about it until we got there.  Then, he decided he was afraid of climbing and was the only child to refuse to do the activity.  At his very own birthday party.

We decided then and there that the week of climbing summer camp that I'd registered him for was probably not a fabulous idea.

"What do you want to do instead?" I asked him, after I'd canceled the camp.

"Bike camp!" he exclaimed.  The kid is really into biking.

"We might have to make up our own bike camp," I told him.  I haven't heard of any offerings.

So, we are doing bike camp.  So far, we've ridden to the pool, rented a surrey bike at Minnehaha Falls with Nana, and ridden the Tour de Tonka.

TdT was a 16-mile ride that Mac completed on his 16" bike.  People were pretty impressed with him, but he got tired of the encouragement.

"Tell people not to talk about my biking," he said. 

"But you're doing so well!" I replied.

"I said not to talk about it," he insisted.

But, it was still pretty cool to do and an awesome event.  We'll be back next year, for sure.


mm said...

I was soooo jealous when I saw your FB post this am about Tour de Tonka. How did you find about it? I would love to do it next year. I might do the St. Paul Classic in September. WTG Mac (not talking about it)! Tell me more. Do you know of any other rides.

KC said...

mm, you should do it! It was wicked fun. You can do 16, 26, 44, 52, 67, or 100 miles! I was looking for other events because we had so much fun, and I ran across this website. Check it out:

Anonymous said...

An excellent example of mighty fine parenting! Way to go! Nana